The Federal Agency for Nature Conservation is funding testing- and development projects that should contribute to sustain biodiversity and furthermore to reintroduce and protect rare plant and animal species.

Andrena carbonaria & Armeria elo

In this context, particular importance is given to projects which combine aspects of conservation and land use, developing concepts applicable for nature conservation nationwide.(For further information on testing- and development projects visit > bfn)

“Ried und Sand”
The main goal of the testing- and development project “Ried und Sand” is to protect habitats with high conservation value in both sand and former river bed ecosystems in the western part of the district Darmstadt-Dieburg by developing new grazing systems.

Seggenried in der Fasanenlache

“Twofold network”
Within a new biotope network
- habitats should be integrated in the network by ecological restoration and / or grazing.
- nature conservation and agricultural land use should be combined to mutual benefit. By the end of the project in 2008, the system of conservation and land use should be economically balanced.

Schaf mit Samen

The project is advised and assessed by the TU Darmstadt in both nature conservational and socioeconomic aspects.
(For further information on scientific studies visit >TU Darmstadt)
The project experiences broad support by local and regional authorities and stakeholders.